SPM Mathematics Trial 2021 (Kelantan), Paper 2 (Question 16)

Question 16 (15 Marks):Diagram 6 shows the position of the swimming pool, fish pond and house of Mrs. Halina and her two children, Hazeq and Haqq. The built-up swimming pool is equidistable between the three houses of Mrs. Halina, Haqq and Hazeq.Diagram 6(a) Based on the Diagram 6 above,(i) find the coordinates of the position … Read more

SPM Mathematics Trial 2021 (Kelantan), Paper 2 (Question 15)

Question 15:Diagram 5 shows two trapeziums, PQRS and P’Q’R’S’. P’Q’R’S’ is the image of PQRS under combine transformation AB.Diagram 5(a) Describe transformation A and transformation B. [6 marks](b) Given the area of the trapezium PQRS is 20 units2, calculate the area of the trapezium P’Q’R’S’ in units2? [3 marks]Solution:(a)(i) Transformation B is rotation 180o at … Read more

SPM Mathematics Trial 2021 (Kelantan), Paper 2 (Question 13)

Question 13: Table 2 shows the speed and time of a particle in 10 seconds.Speed (ms-1)0151530Time (s)02610(a) Based on Table 2, draw the speed-time graph in figure in the answer space. [2 marks](b) Based on the graph drawn in Figure in the answer space, state:(i) Uniform speed, in ms-1, of the particle. [1 mark](ii) The … Read more

SPM Mathematics Trial 2021 (Kelantan), Paper 2 (Question 9 & 10)

Question 9 (4 marks):Mr Khairil has a medical insurance policy with Quddus Insurans with a deductible provision of RM 800 and a co – insurance percentage participation clause of 80/20 in his policy. Calculate the cost incurred by Quddus Insurans and Encik Khairil himself if the medical costs covered by his policy amount to RM … Read more

SPM Mathematics Trial 2021 (Kelantan), Paper 2 (Question 7 & 8)

Question 7 (4 marks):Table 1 below shows the financial plan prepared by Cikgu Muji to manage his money effectively.Income and ExpenditureRMNet IncomeTeacher salaryTuition teacher’s salaryRental receivedShares Dividend05 5002 0001 550600Expenses budgetHousing instalmentCar instalmentAllowances to parentsGroceriesUtility billsPetrol01 200750600500300250Table 1Calculate:(i) Active income(ii) Passive income (iii) Fixed expenses (iv) Variable expenses Solution:(i) Active income = Teacher salary + Tuition teacher’s salary … Read more