SPM Mathematics 2017, Paper 2 (Questions 15 & 16)

Question 15 (12 marks):You are not allowed to use graph paper to answer this question.(a) Diagram 9.1 shows two solid right prisms joined at the vertical plane EGLK. The planes JKL and MNP are the uniform cross sections of the prism HEGLJK and prism EFGMNP respectively. The base EFGH is a rectangle which lies on a horizontal plane. Edges HJ and EK are vertical.Diagram 9.1Draw, to full scale, the plan of the … Read more

SPM Mathematics 2017, Paper 2 (Questions 13 & 14)

Question 13 (12 marks):(a) Diagram 7.1 shows K (5, 1) drawn on a Cartesian plane.Diagram  7.1Transformation T is a translation  ( −3  4 ) Transformation P is a reflection in the line y = 2.State the coordinates of the images of point K under each of the following transformations:(i) T2,(ii) TP.(b) Diagram 7.2 shows two pentagons KLMNP and QRSTU, drawn on a Cartesian plane.Diagram  7.2(i) … Read more

SPM Mathematics 2017, Paper 2 (Questions 11 & 12)

Question 11 (6 marks):Diagram 6 shows the distance-time graph of Ursula, Janet and Maria in a 100 m race.Diagram 6(a) Who won the race?(b) During the race, Ursula slipped and fell over. After that, she continued her run.State the duration, in seconds, before Ursula continued her run.(c) During the race, Janet was injured and she stopped running.State Janet’s … Read more