3.6 Deduction and Induction

3.6 Deduction and Induction (A) Reasoning by Deduction and Induction 1. Reasoning by deduction is a process of making a conclusion for a specific case based on a given general statement. 2. Reasoning by induction is a process of making a generalization based on specific cases. Maths Tip 1. General statement  →  Special conclusion  → Deduction 2. … Read more

3.5 Arguments

3.5 Arguments (A) Premises and Conclusions 1. An argument is a process of making conclusion based on several given statements. 2. The statements given are known as premises. 3. An argument consists of premises and a conclusion. Example 1: Identify the premises and conclusion of the following argument. (a) A pentagon has 5 sides. ABCDE … Read more

3.3 Operations on Statements

3.3 Operations on Statements   (A) Nagating a Statement using ‘No’ or ‘Not’   1. Negation of a statement refers to changing the truth value of the statement, that is, changing a true statement to a false statement and vice versa, using the word ‘not’ or ‘no’.   Example 1: Change the true value of the following … Read more