3.2.1 Quantifiers ‘All’ and ‘Some’ (Sample Questions)

Example 1: Complete each of the following statements using the quantifiers ‘all’ or ‘some’ to make the statement true. (a) _____ rectangles are squares. (b) _____ prime numbers are odd numbers. (c) _____ triangles have equal sides. (d) _____ even numbers are divisible by 2. Answer: (a) Some rectangles are squares. (b) Some prime numbers … Read more

3.2 Quantifiers ‘All’ and ‘Some’

3.2 Quantifiers ‘All’ and ‘Some’   Statement using ‘All’ and ‘Some’ 1. Quantifiers are words that denote the number of objects or cases referred to in a given statement. 2. Quantifier ‘all’, ‘any’ and ‘every’ describe each and every object or case. 3. Quantifier ‘some’, ‘several’ and ‘part of’ describe one or more objects or cases.   Example: Complete each … Read more

3.1 Statements

(A) Determine Whether a Given Sentence is a Statement 1. A statement is a sentence which is either true or false but not both. 2. Sentences which are questions, instructions and exclamations are not statements. Example 1: Determine whether the following sentences are statements or not. Give a reason for your answer. (a) 3 + 3 … Read more