SPM Mathematics Trial 2021 (Selangor), Paper 2 (Question 17)

Question 17 (15 marks):
Hanis just got promoted as a manager in a private company in Johor Bahru with monthly salary of RM12 000 . She wants to buy a new car model Proton X 701.8 L Premium with the price of RM124 000 with a bank loan.

(a) She makes a comparison and found out that the two banks that offer best loan packages are as below:

Loan aspectsBank SejahteraBank Tenang
Sum of loan100%90%
Interest rate3.1%2.5%
Payment period9 years7 years
Total repaymentRM 158 596
Table 4.1

Table 4.1, total loan repayment of Bank Tenang is not stated. 
(i) Calculate the total loan repayment with Bank Tenang. 
(ii) Calculate the monthly installment for both banks.
[6 marks]


Bank Tenang: _ Sum of loan= 90 100 ×124500=RM 111600 Interest rate incurred for 7 years =RM 111600× 2.5 100 ×7 =RM 19530  Total repayment =RM 111600+RM 19530 =RM 131130


Bank Sejahtera: _ Payment period=9×12=108 months Monthly installment= RM 158596 108 =RM 1468.48 Bank Tenang: _ Payment period=7×12=84 months Monthly installment= RM 131130 84 =RM 1561.07

After almost a full year since Hanis bought a new car, she needs to renew her road tax. The engine capacity of her car is 1799 cc.
Table 4.2 shows the road tax rates for private car in Peninsular Malaysia.

Engine capacityRoad tax rate 
Base rateProgressive rate
1 401 cc – 1 600 ccRM90.00
1 601 cc – 1 800 ccRM200.00+ RM0.40 each cc exceeding 1 600 cc
1 801 cc – 2 000 ccRM280.00+ RM0.50 each cc exceeding 1 800 cc
2 001 cc – 2 500 ccRM380.00+ RM1.00 each cc exceeding 2 000 cc
Table 4.2

(i) Who collects road tax on behalf of Malaysian government?

(ii) What is the basic rate of road tax, in RM, for Hanis’s car?

(iii) Hence, calculate the amount of road tax that Hanis have to pay. 
[4 marks]

Road Transport department or Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan or JPJ collects road tax on behalf of Malaysian government.

The engine capacity of Hanis’s car is 1799 cc, thus the basic rate of road tax for her car is RM200.00.

Amount of road tax that Hanis have to pay
= base rate of road tax + progressive rate for each cc exceeding 1 600 cc
= RM200 + (1799 – 1600) × RM0.40
= RM279.60

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