SPM Mathematics 2019, Paper 2 (Question 14)

Question 14:
Diagram 8 is an ogive showing the amount of money, in RM, spent on petrol in a month by a group of motorcycle riders.

(a) Based on Diagram 8, complete Table 3 in the answer space.       [4 marks]

(b) Based on Table 3, calculate the estimated mean amount of money, in RM, spent by a motorcycle rider.            [3 marks]

(c) Draw a frequency polygon for the data, using the scale of 2 cm to RM 10 on the horizontal   axis and 2cm to 2 motorcycle riders on the vertical axis.     [4 marks]

(d) Based on the frequency polygon in 14 (c), state the percentage of the motorcycle riders who spent more than RM70 on petrol.  [1 mark]




Estimated min= 3390 60                       =RM56.50


Percentage= 8+4 60 ×100%                  =20%

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