10.3.1 Plan and Elevation, SPM Paper 2 (Long Questions)

Question 1:

The diagram above shows a solid consisting of a right prism and a half-cylinder which are joined at the plane EFGH. EF is the diameter of the semi-circle and is equal to 3cm. The base ABCD is on a horizontal plane and AB = 6cm, BC = 4cm. The vertical plane ABFE is the uniform cross-section of the prism. 
Draw to full scale, the plan of the solid.

Question 2:

Diagram above shows a solid right prism with rectangular base ABCDon a horizontal table. The vertical plane ABEHILis the uniform cross-section of the prism. Rectangle LIJK, IHGJ and HEFG are inclined planes. AL, DK, BE and CF are vertical edges. 
Given BC = 4cm, AB = 6cm.EB = FC = LA = KD= 4cm, The vertical height of  I and J from the rectangular base ABCD = 3cm, while the vertical height of H and G from the rectangular base ABCD= 5cm. 
Draw to full scale, the elevation of the solid on a vertical plane parallel to BC as viewed from X.


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